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Professor Edward Lobb in his essay "The Turn of the Screw, King Lear, and Tragedy" has drawn attention to a striking similarity between Henry James's story .

Photos by Todai student. Taiwan indigenous scholar uses native tongue during Presidential Office meeting.

Cats turn into collateral damage in Taiwan presidential election campaign. Taiwan talk show host issues hour ultimatum for Tsai to admit Ph. The PhD programme at the London School of Economics and Political Science offers the opportunity to undertake advanced legal research at one of the world's best law schools.


Students in our PhD programme receive excellent training and work under the supervision of leading scholars with strong international, comparative and interdisciplinary commitments. Our doctoral students become members of a lively academic community which is at the cutting-edge of legal scholarship and which plays a major role in the education of lawyers and law teachers from around the world.

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We hope that the questions you have about our PhD programme will be answered in these web pages. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us , or see our Frequently Asked Questions Search Go. The opportunity to undertake advanced legal research at one of the world's best law schools. Dille, Benjamin B.

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Ho, Chih-Hsing Socio-legal perspectives on biobanking: the case of Taiwan. Viterbo, Hedi The legal construction of childhood in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. De Witte, Floris EU law and the question of justice.

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Spangler, Timothy Overcoming the governance challenge in private investment funds through the enrolment of private monitoring solutions. Sasso, Lorenzo Capital structure and corporate governance: the role of hybrid financial instruments.

Boukli, Paraskevi Imaginary penalities: reconsidering anti-trafficking discourses and technologies. Gandrud, Christopher Knowing the unknowns: financial policymaking in uncertainty. Laidlaw, Emily Internet gatekeepers, human rights and corporate social responsibilities. Barroso, Luis The problems and the controls of the new administrative state of the EU. Zhu, Chenwei Authoring collaborative projects: a study of intellectual property and free and open source software FOSS licensing schemes from a relational contract perspective.

Nwosu, Udoka Head of state immunity in international law. Ronnen, Edite Mediation in a conflict society: an ethnographic view on mediation processes in Israel. Meyers, Jeffrey B.

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  6. Kotsakis, Andreas The biological diversity complex: a history of environmental government. Stergiou, Vasiliki The complex relationship of concentrated ownership structures and corporate governance. Dias Soares, Claudia A.

    Calich, Isabel The impact of globalisation on the position of developing countries in the international tax system. Hood, Benjamin David What model for regulating employee discipline and grievances most effectively supports the policy objective of partnership at work and enhanced competitiveness? John, Mathew Rethinking the secular state: perspectives on constitutional law in post-colonial India. Bernal, Paul Alexander Do deficiencies in data privacy threaten our autonomy and if so, can informational privacy rights meet this threat? Pandya, Abhijit P. Thiratayakinant, Kraijakr Ley Multilateral supervision of regional trade agreements: Developing countries' perspectives.

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    Kapotas, Panos Positive action as a means to achieve full and effective equality in Europe. Evans, E. Christine Right to reparations in international law for victims of armed conflict: Convergence of law and practice? Correia, Miguel G Taxation of corporate groups under a corporation income tax: An interdisciplinary and comparative tax law analysis.

    Pappas, Demetra M The politics of euthanasia and assisted suicide: A comparative case study of emerging criminal law and the criminal trials of Jack 'Dr. Death' Kevorkian.

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    Brady, Alan David Patrick A structural, institutionally sensitive model of proportionality and deference under the Human Rights Act Franey, Elizabeth Helen Immunity, individuals and international law: which individuals are immune from the jurisdiction of national courts under international law? Al-Ramahi, Aseel Competing rationalities: The evolution of arbitration in commercial disputes in modern Jordan. Minto, Indianna Deborah Incumbent response to telecommunications reform: The cases of Jamaica and Ireland, Heathcote, Gina Justifying force: A feminist analysis of the international law on the use of force.

    Xu, Ting Property rights, governance and socio-economic transformation: The revival of private property and its limits in post-Mao China. Roberts, Stephanie The decision making process of appeals against conviction in the Court of Appeal Criminal Division. Andreicheva, Natalia The role of legal capital rules in creditor protection: Contrasting the demands of western market economies with Ukraine's transitional economy.