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Professor Edward Lobb in his essay "The Turn of the Screw, King Lear, and Tragedy" has drawn attention to a striking similarity between Henry James's story .

Many people score low because they try to argue for one side or the other, when the question asks you to evaluate the arguments in the passages. Remember to look at their argumentative techniques and the validity of what they're saying rather than focusing on your personal feelings on the topic.

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Then, make sure to write a paragraph about each arguments' strengths and weaknesses. Your last paragraph should be a conclusion to wrap up your argument and why one of the passages argued better than the other. There's no minimum number of words needed to score, but if you write less than words, chances are you didn't write enough to show your writing skill. I hope that's helpful--since we're just the online study program, we don't have access to your scores or essay information The GED testing service is a separate company and does not share this information with us so I can't look at the specifics.


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    Your Name. Your Email Address. By using this form, your email address will become available to the user who you are emailing. Human Verification. An essay usually consists of several paragraphs, each of which contains a topic sentence stating a main idea or thought.

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    Be sure each paragraph relates to the overall topic of the essay. And, for the most part, make sure to place a topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph. You can prepare your essay by using the erasable notepad provided.

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    Use it to make notes and write down your rough work so your final essay is well organized and neat. No one will look at the pad, so what you write on it is just for you. You must write about the topic and only about the topic. The source text presents divergent views.

    GED Essay Writing Guide | How to Succeed on the Extended Response Question

    Your job is to analyze, reflect, and respond. Whether you agree or disagree with the issue presented is immaterial. Rather, it tests your ability to analyze and express yourself in writing. Effective paragraphs use a variety of sentence types: statements, questions, commands, exclamations, and even quotations. Paragraphs create interest in several ways: by developing details, using illustrations and examples, presenting events in a time or space sequence, providing definitions, classifying persons or objects, comparing and contrasting, and demonstrating reasons and proof.