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Professor Edward Lobb in his essay "The Turn of the Screw, King Lear, and Tragedy" has drawn attention to a striking similarity between Henry James's story .

Mon 31 Dec W as the Howard government a liberal or a conservative one? Did it govern to reinforce personal freedoms and reduce government intervention or was it determined to return Australia to an era of social conservatism? That was the question posed by the official historian, Paul Strangio, from Monash University, at the launch of the and cabinet papers, released by the National Archives of Australia on Tuesday.

Many of the same issues — climate change, energy policy, immigration levels, the recognition of Indigenous rights, a drought and declining polls — proved as vexing for the Howard government in and as they are for the prime minister today. He would go on to lead his Coalition government for a decade.

They reveal a government that was seething with enthusiasm to shape the country into its preferred image when it was elected in March one where union power was curtailed, the budget was brought back under control and individuals would be rewarded for hard work. But in truth, the tide had run out for the Keating government. Almost immediately the newly minted prime minister was thrust into dealing with a national catastrophe when, on 28 April, a lone gunman, Martin Bryant, killed 35 people with military-style weapons at Port Arthur in Tasmania.

Howard responded decisively by introducing gun laws and implementing a gun buyback that would reduce the number of guns in circulation by more than , Gun policy was an early test of liberalism v conservatism. With a nation horrified by the massacre, Howard opted to restrict gun ownership and limit the type of guns people could own. As he acknowledged at the press briefing held for the media when embargoed papers were released, the move was deeply unpopular in rural Australia and among his National party colleagues.

But Howard recognised a unique moment for reform and acted decisively. It would cement his credentials as a leader both within his party and in the eyes of the general public. The government also got cracking on some early economic reforms, including the partial privatisation of Telstra. But first it had to deal with the nasty surprise of a budget that was in worse shape than expected.

Strangio notes that before the election, the Labor government rejected Coalition calls for an updated budget forecast, which it maintained was on track for a modest surplus.

Economic growth had been weaker than expected. It also made it difficult for party moderates to oppose some of the tougher measures. All departments except Defence were required to deliver savings. She recommended that the savings targets be either reviewed or deferred but, as a fallback position, put forward measures centred upon the creation of a tiered Hecs payment structure.

Similarly, in the health portfolio, finance had identified potential savings including a two-year freeze on the Medicare benefits schedule. The minister for health and family services, Michael Wooldridge, won agreement from the expenditure review committee to instead accept a one-year freeze in concert with other measures to improve efficiency. Social security also came in for savage cuts.

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The minister for social security, Jocelyn Newman, was asked to prepare a submission assessing the option of ceasing unemployment benefits after 12 months. Instead she agreed to abolish a suite of payments provided to help those on welfare transition to employment or education and training programs. The budget was delivered in August. Together with the draft workplace relations bill, which outlined a new direction in industrial relations, it sparked a wave of protest.

About 90 people were injured.

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Nine rioters were charged with a variety of offences. The riots served only to deepen the mistrust between the government and the union movement. But they show the government was planning to take on the Maritime Union of Australia from soon after it was elected. Perhaps it was the common enemy of the union movement that gave the government the cohesion it needed to push forward with its plans, free of factional fights.

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In terms of challenges, it covers broad range of topics from administrative law, constitution, taxes, and criminal legislation among others. It should not be confused with Private Law that deals with families, small groups, private businesses where economics and more personal issues are considered. Public Law deals with administrative authority in relation to citizens. As an example, when certain decision is questioned, individual society member can ask for plea or review analysis by state authority.

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