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Professor Edward Lobb in his essay "The Turn of the Screw, King Lear, and Tragedy" has drawn attention to a striking similarity between Henry James's story .

Two of the three barely scraped a page, and I had to write intentionally spaced out so I could just get over that one-page barrier. On all the other AP tests where I had to write essays and wrote pagers including language the year before I got 5s. On english lit I got a 4. Take this as you will, because it is not close to definitive evidence that length matters. Thispakistanigir replies threads Registered User Senior Member. A friend of mine was writing right up to the end of the AP Euro exam, she filled her book 16 pages. In the end she recieved a 4.

I didn't try to stretch anything with flowery language, as many did. I think that the number of pages you have really does not matter. I definitely wrote a little under two pages for the DBQ, one and a half pages for one essay, and less than a page for the other. I got a five. Then again I owned the multiple choice so my essays only needed to be threes or fours for me to get a five so Euro last year I wrote the most of any of my tests: 5 page DBQ, Islander4 replies threads Registered User Senior Member. On my AP U. History Exam, I decided to specifically answer anything the prompts were desiring and not focusing much on length.

Unfortunately, my last essay was a little rushed since I was running out of time, but I still managed to decently answer the questions in that last thematic essay. My score was a 5, but the multiple choice section also helped a lot I think not that my essays were bad. The surest way to do well with essays is to completely answer what the prompt asks in any given contexts.

The student also picks up on how women's lives remained unchanged during the evolution of society. However, this person could've developed a much deeper interpretation by analyzing the rhyme schemes and the entire text. One thing that could be looked into deeper is the belief that women are only good for making bread, which is also the essential of life. O: 8 Really does a good job analyzing the text.

Makes profound statements and uses supporting evidence really well. I feel like the build up could have been a little better. It's more cohesive if the paragraph on irony comes before the paragraph on imagery. S - 9 I thought this essay was really well written. The first thing that I noticed, even before fully reading the essay was the advanced language the the writer used--it really does make a huge difference.

The writer continued to show a strong, developed understanding and interpretation of the poem and organized his or her thoughts very well. And honestly, I think it also helped that the essay was typed because it made it much easier to read and follow. L - 4 I did not think this essay was very good, especially compared to S. S: 8 This essay was overall very well organized and specific. It was clear that the writer had a deeper understanding of the poem and was able to analyze certain aspects with sophisticated thinking.

He or she also addressed the entire piece and used very specific examples and strong quotes to support his or her argument. Stylistically, this essay was smooth in transitions and organized regarding paragraph breaks. This person also displayed an advanced vocabulary strong voice. The evidence used throughout this essay was clear and directly supported the thesis.

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L:4 The first thing that I noticed about this essay was its lack of not only quotes, but also analysis. The writer used less than three quotes to support his or her argument and his or her analysis was extremely vague and basic. The writer failed to dig deeper into the poem and remained surface level by talking about women's stereotypes. This essay was also extremely brief and seemed somewhat rushed. The writer did not address the whole poem and the essay could have been more organized. S - 9 There was a clear thesis and the essay not only referred back to the thesis, but also provided specific and strong evidence to support the writer's thesis.

Overall, the essay is well organized and flows well. L - 3 There is only a surface level understanding of the poem. In addition. It has elements of an 8 essay and elements of a 7.

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I believe it is an essay written with clarity and sophistication, however I believe the organization could have been more carefully planned out. If they were to spend more time on this, reorganizing some paragraphs and sentence structure would make this essay closer to an 8 than a 7. Where it is well-supported by quotes, at some points I feel there are too many quotes. Too many quotes isn't a bad thing, I just want to see more of this writers own thoughts because what they have as a 'first draft' is very good.

Typing would improve quality. L- I would give this a 5. I give the author credit because they made an honest attempt, but as many people have stated in previous comments, it is very basic. The analysis is lacking, and there is an extreme need for evidence suggesting that the author might have been rushed. They mention some of the main ideas, but fail to explain further.

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L- I would grade this essay as a 4. Basically, the evidence and analysis is insufficient. O- I would grade this essay as an 8. The author elaborates well on the poem as a whole, and the evidence is complete. The essay is well-organized and cohesive. It could have been worded in a more sophisticated manner, but overall it is a great essay.

Essay: S Score: 9 Reasoning: It is clear that the author of this essay has a rich understanding of the poem. The author really dug deep and read in between the lines in order to develop such an interesting insight into the poem. Ultimately, this essay was so successful because of the authors comprehension of the poem as was as her ability to articulate this idea to the reader. Essay: L Score: 4 Reasoning: It is clear that the author of this essay lacks a complete understanding of the poem. As a result, this essay is rather superficial.

The author fails to dig deeper into the complexity of the authors feeling towards the topic. In this end this essay fell short because the student did not dig deep enough.

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S - 8 I thought that overall this essay is very well organizing and does a good job at addressing the entire poem. The introduction is particularly strong and the essay progresses it gets weaker. The analysis and specific examples that are addressed within the paper are very strong. Also, the syntax is very good throughout the entire paper.

It was a very well put together essay. L - 5 I personally thought that this essay was not as strong as the others because it lacked thorough analysis. This person did not really dig deep inside the poem or fully comprehend it.

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That being said, the essay is still somewhat cohesively written. Only the main points and summery of the poem are addressed and it lacks strong vocabulary. This essay is a good start, but needs a lot of work. S Even from the opening paragraph it is clear this student is familiar with a high level of vocabulary and sentence structure.

Overall the essay demonstrates exceptional syntax and diction. I thought the quotes were used properly and were accompanied with adequate analysis.

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The significant amount of quotes helps the writers argument, as well as shows their ability to draw examples from the text. This essay was very well done and I believe it deserves a 9. L The intro for this paper is not strong. It does not use any examples from the poem, and does not provide a strong thesis to alert the reader what the paper is going to about.

The student does not seem to have a sufficient understanding of the text. There is little quote usage, including analysis, and at some points it seems like a summarization. I don't think this essay is developed well enough to earn over a 5.

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It also lacks strong language and syntax throughout. It uses one central point throughout the essay and defends that point. A score of 0 is recorded for a student who writes completely off the topic-for example, "Why I think this test is a waste of money. The reader assigns a score based on the essay's merits as a whole, on what the essay does well; the readers don't simply count errors.

Although each essay topic has its own scoring rubric or guide based on that topic's specific information, a general scoring guide for rhetorical analysis and argumentation essays follows.