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Professor Edward Lobb in his essay "The Turn of the Screw, King Lear, and Tragedy" has drawn attention to a striking similarity between Henry James's story .

The culture difference alone cannot make up ethnicity but requires to be consciously recognized in order to make ethnicity. The fact is that if a group is not conscious of its characteristics then they cannot make up an ethnic group. Thus there cannot be ethnicity even where a group is very distinct but fails to be conscious of their unique features. This explains why many indigenous groups which were distinct from each other do not belong to ethnic groups since they were not conscious of their ethnicity. Therefore ethnicity as well as enlistment as an ethnic group requires that the members be conscious of their difference including their cultural differences from other groups as well as the similarities to identify with in their own culture.

Thus in the actual sense individuals with different cultures but live without any problems arising from their differences are termed not to be ethnic considering the proper meaning of the word Eller, The culture difference in itself does not become ethnicity on its own but it has to be taken and used by a group in modern ways so as to make it an ethnicity.

The ethnicity normally do not cause conflict but in certain situations and accelerated by particular events, there may be conflict caused by ethnicity.

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This means that small cultural differences can easily be noticed and contribute to controversial difference in ethnicity. However, large cultural difference leaves no doubt to the ethnic groups about the divide and as such may lead to minimal or no ethnic differences or conflicts Eller, It is apparent that cultural differences causes ethnicity but ethnicity does not give rise to cultural differences. This is because group identity is derived from cultural difference and failure to recognize culture implies that a group may not be developed.

Thus ethnicity exists purely because of existence of different cultures. Whenever an ethnicity is being elaborated, it is apparent that culture has to be mentioned. According to Darder , ethnicity is thought by people to be a segment of population that share a common culture and participate in shared activities which generate from a common culture.

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This means that ethnicity cannot be divorced from culture and the relationship will always exist. Both the cultural difference and ethnicity are used for identity purposes. However, it is important not to be overemphasized because there are other means of identity like gender, class or economic status. The studies of immigrants and refugees have recently concentrated on their culture difference as well as ethnicity of their sources of origin.

The concept of difference brings about ethnicity and culture as observed across the globe. The most conspicuous characteristic of culture is that it is open to all people who are interested.

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An individual can be recruited to a culture by learning its norms, traditions and procedures. Moreover, the individual can then share the knowledge of the culture and further participate in cultural events thus becoming a full member of the culture. Although it is possible that a given culture is able to can be learnt, it is of absolute importance that an individual is raised from a particular culture so as to understand fully its features and contribute to its improvement.

This is because the culture recognizes its members in a mutual process where the members can share benefits as well as contribute to its development and maintenance Ghai, Secondly, the culture is based on tradition and continuity which is passed from one generation to the next. The culture stresses on conservation and continuity of traditions rather than innovation of new culture developments.

The conservatism is emphasized to the extent that it sacrifices the creativity power and as such may not expand beyond certain levels Ghai, The preservation of traditions and passed to children through stories and teachings, ensure that the culture is maintained for a long term period. The conservatism ensures that the culture is not corrupted with new ideas which may make it to lose its original identity. Just like culture of Japanese blood' which had been maintained throughout the reigning of succeeding emperors Weiner, Moreover, a culture survives mainly through assimilation.

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  5. This means that a member from another culture is allowed to become its member by simply accepting and distributing its basic cultural factors. This process is a characteristic of both dominant cultures as well as newcomers which allows them to grow and ensure survival of their cultures Ghai, Therefore the cultures grow by allowing individuals from other cultures to join in without being barred.

    Thus the characteristic of non-segregation of other cultures is working positively to the increment of numbers of a particular culture which enhances strength and unrivaled continuity Appadurai, Furthermore, the culture is characterized by its difference. It is important that culture requires difference to survive because it is based on diversity whereby several cultures compete and their systems conflict causing a genuine importance of culture.

    This difference is important so as to be able to distinguish separate persons as far as culture is concerned.

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    There are states that are only identified by their culture which is different from other cultures. Therefore it becomes apparent that there will be no development of one culture in the entire world because if developed, there would be no difference which means a total death to culture Ghai, Thus diversity and differentiation in cultures are crucial elements for continuity.

    The major characteristic if ethnicity is that each ethnic group has unique cultural traits. Since an ethnic group belongs to a larger society, they can only be identified with their unique cultural set of traits. Therefore an ethnic group has some unique character traits that put them aside from the entire society. However, for the character traits to make up an ethnic group then they should be of fundamental features of social life including language and religion. This means that we may need further qualification of ethnicity in an event we have a character trait like a profession which is not fundamental Marger, The second characteristic is that ethnicity has a sense of community.

    This is in addition to the unique cultural traits in that they are conscious of their membership to the ethnic group. This is the awareness of being closely associated with particular ethnic group. This sense of belonging to a specific ethnic group is derived from the fact that individuals believe to share a common ancestry or heritage. It is normal to realize that whenever individuals share a common origin they tend to come close together and create a comfort zone for themselves whiles caring more to each other as compared to the general public.

    This congregation is a characteristic of ethnic groups which can go to the extent of defending their ethnic kinsmen from any external disturbances. However, it is not necessary that they belong to a common ancestry but as long as they recognize themselves as an ethnic group is sufficient Marger, Another characteristic of an ethnic group is the ethnocentrism which is the tendency to judge the other groups by the standards and values of their own group. This judgment creates a general assumption that one's ethnic group is superior.

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    Polyculturalism facilitated cultural accommodation and longer-term cultural adjustment by reducing concerns about contamination of heritage identity, whereas colorblindness and multiculturalism had no consistent effects. In Chapter 3, I theorize and demonstrate that diversity ideologies also affect how people draw upon knowledge from foreign cultures in their problem-solving.

    No effect was found for multiculturalism. Taken together, the chapters of my dissertation contribute to a more nuanced understanding of cultural crossing: when people do it, and when people admire or admonish others for doing so.

    Cultural Differences And Cultural Diversity

    Also, these empirical findings advance research on polyculturalism and spark future research questions. Columbia University Libraries. Academic Commons.

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